Charleston Attractions

Whether you’re visiting the area for business, group events, or pleasure, The North Charleston Inn provides guests with comfortable accommodations near all of Charleston’s best attractions.

USS Yorktown

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Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum

(15 minutes from the North Charleston Inn)

Located on historic Charleston Harbor, Patriots Point is home to USS YORKTOWN, the Fighting Lady. The first USS YORKTOWN sank at the battle of Midway on June 7, 1942. Onboard the decks of this famous World War II aircraft carrier, you can relive a momentous time in America’s history. The Fighting Lady contains all the evidence of her past; one can see, touch, feel and smell the past, where young Americans fought and died to turn the fortunes of war in the Pacific. Moored next to her is USS LAFFEY, a World War II destroyer. LAFFEY survived the onslaught of Japanese kamikaze attacks while off Okinawa as Radar Picket Station #1 on April 16, 1945. She became known as “the ship that wouldn’t die.” Also moored alongside are the United States Coast Guard cutter INGHAM, which fought in the convoy battles of the North Atlantic and sank a German U-boat; and the diesel attack submarine USS CLAMAGORE. Onboard YORKTOWN are dozens of displays devoted to maritime and naval history, the Congressional Medal of Honor Society’s museum and headquarters, and more than two dozen historic military aircraft are on exhibit. Ashore is a full-size Navy Advance Tactical Support Base from the Vietnam era, and our gift shop.

Boone Hall Plantation

(20 minutes from the North Charleston Inn)

Located at 1235 Long Point Road in Mt Pleasant. It is an antebellum plantation listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Plantation includes a large Colonial Revival plantation house (1933-35). It is one of America’s oldest still working plantations, continually growing crops for over 320 years. The annual Lowcountry Strawberry Festival caps off the peak of each season and thousands of pounds of strawberries are picked from Boone Hall Farms U-Pick fields Boone Hall Farms Market opened its doors in 2006 as an outlet for crops that come from the farm as well as featuring other fresh local South Caroline grown produce. The market is open throughout the year and offers food products, a market cafe, fresh local seafood, and a floral/gift shop.

Palmetto Islands County Park

(20 minutes from the North Charleston Inn)

Next to Boone Hall plantation, the Palmetto Islands County Park is a nature-oriented, 943 acre park designed for family and groups use. It offers more organized fun in the form of a big toy playground, mile-long canoe trails, picnic sites, an observation tower, a water playground, toddler slides, marsh boardwalks, and plenty of jogging trails and bicycle paths. Bordering Boone Hall Creek are public fishing and boating docks.

Mount Pleasant Fishing Pier

(15 minutes from the North Charleston Inn)

The 1250 foot long Mount Pleasant pier is part of the Memorial Waterfront Park complex.  The pier itself reaches out into Charleston Harbor just under the Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge. The pier features an 8,100-square-foot covered pavilion for hosting dances and other events. Visitors to the pier can enjoy great views of both the harbor and bridge.